Millions on disability after not being given eclipse glasses

As the total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017 comes to an end, we have seen an unprecedented surge in claims for government support based on the premise that people are now blind. We all know that this was, in fact, a racist solar eclipse, since there were a disproportionate number of non-whites outside of the path of totality.

While the ACLU files discrimination lawsuits against the sun, the masses are overwhelming the People’s Department of Labor. The sun was not equally blocked for all people, as it should have been. This, combined with not being given solar-filtered glasses for eclipse-viewing has caused a systemic eye-damage problem resulting in blindness for everyone outside the path of totality. Therefore no one but those in the path of totality are required to work again.

A special thanks goes out to dear comrade Clara Illbustyourballs Zetkin for bringing to our attention how non-equal this eclipse was. We know this is against the current truths, and must do everything we can to stop it.  Read more


Antifa Flag comes directly from the German Communist Party of 1932

Antifa Flag Comes Directly From The German Communist Party In 1932

Everything these Alt-Left thugs use today is exactly the same as back then. Their logo, weaponized words, double standards and lack of logic. Its all from Germany 85 years ago. They call everyone Nazis because that is who their opposition in Germany was. Antifa prefaced The National Socialist German Workers’ Party and empowered them. Without Antifa’s violence the Nazi party would have never won anything.

I might add that German Communists helped Hitler to come to power. On Stalin's orders they boycotted the Social Democrats, splitting the vote and allowing Hitler to win. According to modern historical studies, Stalin wanted Hitler to start a war in Europe and bloody up the entire continent, so that later the USSR could move in with their tanks and take over the weakened European countries. Hitler had figured out that plan and attacked the USSR first, knowing full well that he was taking a big risk - but Stalin left him with no choice.

In other words, Nazism was instrumental in the Communist plan to take over the world. Not everything went according to the plan, however, and Stalin was only able to take over half of Europe instead of its entirety. The Cold War was only a continuation of that same effort by other means. The bogeyman of "fascism" in the modern world was mainly a KGB creation, to give credence and moral authority to the Antifa-like groups - the stormtroopers of the communist revolution.
Thanks to The People's Cube


National Park Service Announcement: Confederate Statues at Gettysburg Not Going Anywhere

The National Park Service just made it crystal clear… the statues at Gettysburg are staying put and if the left tries to get at them, then there will be a stiff rebuke awaiting them. They are historical monuments and hold deep meaning for many families. They tell the story of the Civil War – both sides, good and bad. They are part of our heritage and you do not erase your own history as the left is so fervently seeking to do.
Soldiers on both sides of the war fought and died for freedom and for what they believed in at Gettysburg. You don’t have to condone it or like it… but you do need to respect it. 7,000 men fought, bled and died on that battlefield. It is a vital part of the history of America… a chapter we should learn from and hopefully not repeat. Leftists, radicals and communists have adopted Taliban-like tactics in the destruction of historical monuments. They have pulled some down, completely uprooted others and even set some on fire. The officials at Gettysburg are making it very clear they have no plans of participating in a historical purge.

From Breitbart:
As the American left pushes to purge the nation of Confederate statues and memorials, the National Parks Service is making clear the statues at Gettysburg battlefield are not going anywhere.
Katie Lawhon is the senior advisor for the park service when it comes to Gettysburg, and she says the statues “are important” and allow the park service to “historically and objectively tell the stories the monuments commemorate.”
Lawhon reassured the Reading Eagle that the statues would not be moved.
Barb Adams, who volunteers at Gettysburg, said watching the statues being vandalized and/or removed around the country breaks her heart. She said, “It’s just so upsetting to me—these men, these soldiers fought for what they believed in.”   Read more.....


Man Stabbed By Antifa Mob Outside His Home For Not Condemning ‘Nazis’ Hard Enough

Source: big league politics

A Vermont man says he was stabbed outside his home by a group of five masked men armed with box cutters on Tuesday, after being labeled a “Nazi sympathizer” for denouncing attempts to ruin the life of a Unite the Right rally attendee — even though he himself strongly disavows white supremacy.
The victim, Sam Wormer, who identifies as neither right or left, is so concerned about the divide in the country that even after being attacked he wasn’t sure that his story should be told. Leftist friends of his confirmed to Big League Politics that he frequently sticks up for “marginalized members of the community.”
Ryan Roy, 28, appeared in the Vice News episode on the events over the weekend in Charlottesville. He was promptly doxed on Twitter and a social media campaign made sure that he was fired from his job at Pizzeria Uno. Additionally, the internet mob called child protective services in an effort to have his young baby removed from his care.

In an interview with Burlington Free Press, Wormer, his former friend and classmate, stated that he was “completely shocked” to see footage of Roy at the rally. The following comments are what he and his friends say would become the alleged “justification” for being stabbed by five masked assailants and labeled a “Nazi sympathizer.”
“He would attend anti-war rallies. He was very left — like anti-Republican, very progressive, very liberal, very anti-Christian,” Wormer recalled of Roy.
The paper reported that Wormer also remembered Roy being part of the “fringe crowd” and as someone who would always stick up for people who were being bullied. Another man who knew Roy confirmed this to Big League Politics — and added that he is also an “ex goth.”


Leftist Activists Demand New York Museum Take Down Statue of ‘Racist’ Theodore Roosevelt

Source: The Daily Wire

Social justice warriors are never satisfied. If you give them an inch, they’ll take a mile. After demanding that southern states take down statues of Confederate figures, the activist Left is now targeting an iconic American president featured on Mount Rushmore.
On Monday, more than 200 SJW zealots held a protest inside the American Museum of Natural History in New York City to take down the supposedly “racist” statue of former President Theodore Roosevelt. The protest’s organizers, NYC Stands with Standing Rock and Decolonize This Place, also called for Columbus Day to be renamed Indigenous People’s Day.
“A stark embodiment of the white supremacy that Roosevelt himself espoused and promoted,” pontificated the group of protesters in a statement. “The statue is seen as an affront to all who pass it on entering the museum, but especially to African and Native Americans.”
Marching around the museum in a fit of self-righteous rage, protesters carried signs that read “BLACK LIVES MATTER,” “DECOLONIZE THIS MUSEUM,” and “ABOLISH WHITE SUPREMACY.”
The entire spectacle was underscored by a sort of religious fanaticism.


Teacher arrested for assaulting white nationalist: Violence against far-right ‘not a crime'

Source: The College Fix

The Berkeley area teacher who pummeled a white nationalist last year, and just recently was arrested on assault charges for that attack, is claiming that “standing up to fascism is not a crime.”
By Any Means Necessary’s Yvette Felarca, who teaches in the Berkeley Unified School District, said at her arraignment that “Standing up against the rise of Nazism […] in this country is not a crime,” and added “We have the right to defend ourselves.”
As reported by The College Fix, Felarca was caught on video in June of last year “punch[ing] the man in the stomach repeatedly, before throwing him to the ground.”  Read more.....

Breaking: ANTIFA Leftists Confirmed Training In Venezuela

A very troubling Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) urgent action bulletin circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Donald Trump has convened all of his top national security officers for an emergency meeting at his secure Camp David military protected complex after his receiving “firm/conclusive” evidence that a leftist-communist American terror organization named ANTIFA is training several hundreds of its forces in Venezuela—and who are the paramilitary wing of the Democratic Party and whose stated goal is the violent overthrow of the United States government. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this bulletin, on 1 August, Colombia’s National Intelligence Directorate (DNI) sent out a “critical crisis advisory” to all of the world’s top intelligence agencies (including the SVR) detailing a “strategic network” their counter intelligence operatives had discovered that was funneling hundreds of American ANTIFA terrorists into Venezuela—and whom once they reached this South American nation, were then, in turn, “assigned” to various paramilitary Colectivo's where they received political, weapons, bomb-making and counter insurgency training prior to their returning to the United States.  Read more.....

Surprise: Majority Supports Leaving Confederate Statues Up

What to do about the Confederate statues, what to do. Many of them were put in right after the Confederacy lost, to honor the dead. A second time of big emplacements came on the 50th anniversary, followed by the 100th, which coincided with the time of the Civil Rights era. The question is, does anyone really care that much? Are they just statues that sit around for which most do not know who they are and what they stand for?

Although recent polls show that over 60% of Americans support leaving the Confederate Monuments in place those pundits on the left and even some on the right would have you believe they must come down in order to prove we are not a racist nation.  The ultimate end to that twisted logic is that documents such as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution which were mostly written by slave owners, must also be racist and should also be ex-sponged.  I would expect thinking like this to come from those on the left, but it's beginning to bleed over to those on the right.  And that presents a clean and present danger to the mere existence of the United States of today.  Apparently, many would discard the foremost freedom expressed in the First Amendment (Freedom of Speech)----at least for those who would disagree with the mob.  You may read more  here.....   


Robert E. Lee: Wrong Side of History

“Robert E. Lee was on the wrong side of history and so are the Charlottesville racists,” says Toni Van Pelt, president of the National Organization for Women (NOW). “The majority of Virginia voters—like the majority of voters across the U.S., voted for the presidential candidate who defended inclusion over intolerance, healing over division and fairness over bigotry. NOW stands with our courageous sisters and brothers in Charlottesville, who are standing strong against hate and violence.”

“Donald Trump’s personal reliance on the language of confrontation, combat and intolerance has alarmed us all in recent days,” says Toni Van Pelt. “Trump may be sending signals and cues to those who would harm peaceful protesters, but the people of Charlottesville are standing up to Trump-inspired bullying and inspiring us all.”

Maybe a new team logo/slogan is in order.  Thanks to The Peoples Cube

Look into the face of pure evil.  A man cut from the same cloth as Washington, Jefferson and Madison.  The man is most certainly a racist---after all he is an old white man.  And you must certainly know they are all negro haters.  Now does anyone think that taking his family home at Arlington (yes, the land where Arlington National Cemetery now sits) was not punishment enough for him joining with his home state in their doomed fight for independence.  For god's sake we must tear down all monuments and remove his tomb from Washington and Lee University where he served as President for the last years of his life.  Let's replace all R.E. Lee monuments with statues of Al Sharpton, Malcolm X and Shelia Jackson Lee.  Oops! wonder where Shelia's last name came from.  Come to think of it Washington and Jefferson are very common last names for many black families---will they change them too.  
Seriously, let's not rewrite history to have it conform to contemporary values.  Should we do that we will end up ripping up the Constitution, after all it was written by old white slave owners.  

National Museum of Nothing: Everything offensive has been removed

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Move offensive statues to a museum? Think again.

In the old days, it was enough to just move statues that we deem offensive from public property to a museum. But that became a huge burden. What if the statues or monuments are too big to be moved? It would be impossible to put Mount Rushmore or Stone Mountain in a museum.

Also, most museums are nonprofit. They receive a tax break and some grants from the government. Therefore, museums leech off public funds and must not contain anything that is offensive (to us.) If everyone doesn't have fun, no one can have fun.

To counteract these inconveniences, and streamline the process, that which we deem offensive must not remain in any museum.

It can be argued that a more aesthetically pleasing experience may be to enter a museum with nothing in it. Simply imagining - while standing in a large building - is a great way to cleanse your mind of any racist thoughts. You will soon forget the offensive art that used to be there, until you remember that racists are still out there. You will leave the empty museum more angry about white privilege than before.
 Actually, the whole museum building should be torn down, because it used to contain offensive art. Then you can stand in an empty lot and meditate. But not in the exact spot where racist art used to be in the air. Don't breathe in the racist air.

Progressives typically revere artists, but the whiteness that their art perpetrates will no longer be tolerated. That includes black artists. It doesn't matter how many hours an artist worked on something. If we deem it offensive, it must be destroyed.

If you need inspiration, look to the brave acts of ISIS and the National Socialist German Workers' Party, who attempted to cleanse their cultures of hatred by destroying ancient artifacts and books. Where they failed, we will succeed in ridding the world of all offensive art.  Thanks to The People's Cube

TERROR ATTACK: At Least 13 Dead In Spain After Car Plows Into Crowd- Two Suspects Captured Alive

Read More

US Media Plunges Into Epic Meltdown After Trump Downs Top FBI “Swamp Monster”

An intriguing Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today is describing the entire leftist American “fake news” propaganda media establishment as having gone into “total meltdown” after forces loyal to President Donald Trump downed their first major “Swamp Monster” this week—and whom the SVR has identified as Peter P. Strzok II, who until yesterday was the chief of the counterespionage section of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) assigned to the team headed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigating the totally discredited Russian hacking meme—and with Strzok II now placed in the FBI’s human resource section holding a desk with no duties assigned to him.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, Peter P. Strzok II (refered to in the US media as Peter Strzok) is the son of a former US Army officer living in North Carolina named Peter P. Strzok I (who frequently writes intelligence related articles for his local newspaper)—and whose parents (Peter I and Virginia), on 15 May 1987, announced in their local Saint Cloud, Minnesota, newspaper that he was going to attend  Georgetown University in Washington D.C..
In 2013, this report continues, Georgetown University published a list of their “Capitol Project and Endowment Donors” listing Peter P. Strzok II as has having graduated in 1991, and his further receiving a Master of Arts (MA) degree there too in 2013—and that after his 1991 graduation, saw him joining the FBI, where by 1997, a US Federal lawsuit, titled “Croddy, et al. v. FBI et al. Civil Action No. 00-651 [EGS]”, noted at Section III.THE PLAINTIFFS/A.ERIC CRODDY (FBI)/Line 67 that he was then an Intelligence Research Specialist dealing with chemical and biological terrorism incidents.
As the SVR maintains a “corruptibility rating” on all known US officials, this report continues, Peter P. Strzok II, in 2002, was ranked by Russian intelligence experts as being in the “highest category” of this rating scheme due to his FBI estimated salary being $125,000 per year—but his then purchasing a home in one of the richest counties in America located at 3214 Prince William Drive, Fairfax, Virginia—and that he had jointly purchased (and whose current worth is $584,900) with a Security And Exchange Commission (SEC) officer named Melissa R. Hodgman—and whom the SVR had, also, ranked in their highest category of corruptible US official.

During the 2016 US presidential election, this report notes, both Peter P. Strzok II and Melissa R. Hodgman played “key/central” roles as Hillary Clinton operatives within the American “Deep State”—with then FBI Director James Comey stating that his team, led by Peter P. Strzok II, moved heaven and earth” to finish their review of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails in time for him to reveal on Sunday, 7 November, less than 48 hours before the election, and that they had found nothing incriminating—while at the same time, Melissa R. Hodgman (who had been appointed by the Obama regime as an Associate Director in the SEC Enforcement Division on 14 October 2016) filed US Federal charges against a lawyer named William Uchimoto (the son of Dan Uchimoto who was one of the most decorated Japanese American soldiers in World War II).
The Hillary Clinton “Deep State” attack upon William Uchimoto, this report explains, was due to his investigating a Georgetown University law professor named Chris Bummer for his money laundering ties to the Clinton Foundation—but with all of the “fake charges” leveled against him by Melissa R. Hodgman being thrown out of court by US Federal Judge P. Kevin Castel this past March (2017).

As to how Peter P. Strzok II came to head the FBI's counterespionage division investigating Hillary Clinton, and then became part of Special Counsel Mueller’s team investigating President Trump, this report says, is a testimony to the sheer and corrupt power of the American “Deep State” seeking now to overthrow their own government in a coup d’etat—and should that fail, outright assassinate President Trump as they have publically stated they would do.   Read more.....


Alien Arrested for Having Public Sex With Chain-Link Fence

If a guy has a constitutional right to marry another guy, then he has the same right to marry a chain-link fence. If only Eliodoro Estala had tied the knot, he might have avoided trouble with the law:
A warrant has been issued for a Texas resident who stands accused of having sex with a chain link fence, according to court records.
A judge last week ordered the arrest of Eliodoro Estala, 32, after he failed to appear for a court hearing in his indecent exposure case. A bond posted earlier this year by Estala, a Mexican national, was ordered forfeited by a Travis County jurist.
Travis County? Maybe he was just doing his part to Keep Austin Weird.
Read explicit details of the erotic tryst here.
Thanks for enriching the vibrant multicultural tapestry, Eliodoro!
The fence that captured Eliodoro’s heart.
Thanks to Moonbattery

Antifa and Black Lives Matter are sharpening their Chisels for Mount Rushmore

An exciting time to be alive. Our comrades in Antifa and Black Lies Matter are about to set their sights on the most offensive AmeriKKKan monument of them all:

They're coming for Mount Rushmore

A People's Kommittee is being assembled to plan for the korrections to this odious edifice. One of our first decisions will involve whether to demolish the place entirely, or replace the faces with more Politically Korrekt visages. Such as Marx, Lenin, Che and, of course, Obama.

But those are all men. Perhaps the four faces should be Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Tonie Nathan Geraldine Ferraro, and Trigglypuff.

Or perhaps a Lesbian, a Gay, a Bisexual person, and a Tranny.

Your suggestions and nominations are welcome, especially those of you with Leet Photoshop skillz.

We will also need people skilled in the use of chisels, which I believe are stored in an old, neglected shed attached to the side of Tractor Barn #2.  Thanks to The People's Cube

JUST IN: The Lincoln Memorial – VANDALIZED

I'm just furious over this one. Someone vandalized the Lincoln Monument with red spray paint. They scrawled “F**k law.” Thanks Obama for that. This is Black Lives Matter, Antifa and the communists at work again. As monuments and statues are being torn down all across the nation, we now have idiots attacking a monument of a man who actually freed the slaves. And this is how he’s thanked for it.
Americans are getting angrier and angrier at the radicals on both the left and the right for pulling this crap. This isn’t going to end well. These same morons are now demanding a statue of ‘racist’ President Theodore Roosevelt be torn down in New York. They want a monument to George Washington also removed and they have a whole list of monuments and historical sites they want taken down or they’ll deface and destroy them. Where does this end? Nowhere good.

From the Independent Journal Review:
Monuments around America have become a prime target for vandalism this week.
On Monday, a mob of protesters pulled down a Confederate statue in Durham, North Carolina. Before being destroyed, the statute had stood at the city’s county courthouse since 1924.
But a now a much more familiar symbol has been vandalized — The Lincoln Memorial.

Crews are now busy removing the paint and repairing the damage. DC is so full of our nation’s history. I hate to see it treated this way. Officials with the National Park Service (NPS) said the red spray paint appears to state “F**k law” on one of the memorial’s columns overlooking the National Mall. Another instance in silver spray paint was also discovered on a Smithsonian wayfinding sign in the 1400 block of Constitution Avenue.
Workers will use a mild, gel-type architectural paint stripper, according to the NPS. The gel won’t affect the preservation of the memorial’s historic stone. Every effort will be made to not damage the monument further. The crew will apply the treatment and let it set on the stone for approximately an hour, then rinse it with “clean, potable” water, according to the NPS. The process is repeated until “all evidence of the graffiti is gone.”
The monument has been vandalized before. It will be fixed this time as it has been previously and I sure hope they catch whoever is doing this and soon. There should be cameras all around the monument and there should be police there as well. Hopefully, that will lead to this thug’s capture and prosecution.  Thanks to Right Wing News

The call for the removal or destruction of Confederate Monuments is only a symptom of a much wider movement.  A movement that if not restrained will only grow bolder and achieve it's crowning goal.  The destruction of this nation by those on the left who hate the country of our fathers and founders.

Woman Who Destroyed Confederate Statue Is Caught, Found To Be Pro-North Korea Marxist

I’m shocked! Looks like the woman who was arrested for destroying a Confederate statue is a student at North Carolina Central University. Her name is Taqiyah Thompson, and was taken by police after a press conference where she defended actions of demonstrators and called cops Confederate soldiers and Ku Klux Klan members.
Taqiyah is also an Islamic concept that says it is okay for Muslims to lie to non-Muslims if it will help their religion.
The Daily Caller tells us more about Tuesday:
“I did the right thing,” she said. “Everyone who was there — the people did the right thing. The people will continue to keep making the right choices until every Confederate statue is gone, until white supremacy is gone. That statue is where it belongs. It needs to be in the garbage.”
Thompson is a member of the Worker’s World Party (WWP), a revolutionary Marxist-Leninist group originally formed in 1959 as a hard-line offshoot of the more moderate Socialist Workers Party. In addition to supporting a wide range of far-left causes, the group also defends the North Korean regime of dictator Kim Jong-un against alleged U.S. imperialism.
 After she and others pulls the statue over, the group of Marxists demanded that demonstrators deserved amnesty, because white supremacy or something. They knew what they were doing was wrong and illegal but they did it anyway and demanded to be let off without any repercussions. But, calling the police a bunch of KKK members isn’t the best way to make friends.

Thompson said, “If we understand history, we know that those boys who wore the gray, today they wear blue, and they wear sheets over their heads.”
So far Thompson has been charged with disorderly conduct by injury to a statue, damage to real property, felony participation in a riot with property damage in excess of $1,500 and felony inciting others to riot.
On their website the commies said they plan to destroy more Confederate monuments. L.T. Pham published this:
“This is the first rope of many to pull down the pillars holding up white supremacy and capitalism,” he wrote Tuesday. “The powers that be will crumble under the power of organized people! Down with all statues of the Confederacy! Down with white supremacy!”
Thanks to Right Wing News


Durham protester charged with felonies in Confederate statue vandalism

Following the violent events in Charlottesville, VA, vandals took to the streets in Durham, North Carolina to personally tear down a Confederate statue. 

So far, one woman has been arrested in connection to the destruction of the statue, and police have made it clear that they will continue making arrests. 

North Carolina Central University student Takiya Fatima Thompson, 22, has been arrested and charged with “participation in a riot with property damage in excess of $1,500 and inciting others to riot where property damage exceeds $1,500, both felonies, as well as damage to real property and disorderly conduct by injury to a statue, both misdemeanors.” 

She is responsible for scaling a ladder to the top of the statue and wrapping a strap around it so other protesters could pull it down. 

Durham County Sheriff Mike Andrews is moving to identify all of the people involved (aided by the morons who took video and proudly posted it on their social media accounts) and plans to pursue felony charged against them. 

“Let me be clear, no one is getting away with what happened. We will find the people responsible. We can all agree yesterday went too far. Yesterday was not the Durham that I know.” 

We will work to keep you updated on future arrests as they happen.  Thanks to Right Wing News.


Russia Reports CIA “Genocide Expert” Orchestrated Charlottesville Mob Violence

A truly shocking Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that a known Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) “genocide expert”, named Brennan Gilmore, was a “key orchestrator” behind this past weekends racial motivated mob violence occurring in Charlottesville, Virginia—and whom Russian intelligence experts have previously blamed for being a “central figure” behind the genocidal fighting between Muslim and Christian militias in the Central African Republic.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, in 2012, Brennan Gilmore was a known CIA deep cover operative stationed by the Obama regime as a Deputy Chief of Mission to the US Embassy in the Central African Republic, and who worked exclusively with the Muslim rebel group Séléka that were successful in the overthrow of that nations Christian majority controlled government on 24 March 2013—thereafter causing a Christian militia backlash of genocidal proportions known today as “The Forgotten Conflict” because of its being ignored by the West.
Upon President Donald Trump’s November 2016 election victory, this report continues, Brennan Gilmore returned to the United States (in early December 2016) and became the Chief of Staff for his former Central African Republic boss Tom Perriello—who launched a bid to become the Democratic Party governor of Virginia, but who was defeated in a 13 June 2017 primary election.

After leaving the campaign of Tom Perriello in mid-June (2017), this report details, Brennan Gilmore became an advisor to the Democratic Party mayor of Charlottesville, Virginia, named Michael Signer—who, before this past weekend, was most infamously known for his declaring his city “a capital of the resistance” against President Trump in February 2017.
Between the dates of 6-11 August, this report notes, SVR electronic intelligence intercepts noted Brennan Gilmore had numerous meetings and telephonic exchanges with Mayor Michael Signer and a former Obama supporter, and Occupy Wall Street activist, named Jason Kessler—but with Kessler now being described as “a relative newcomer to the white nationalist scene”, and who was the leader of the pro-fascist forces planning to demonstrate in Charlottesville on 12 August.

Democratic Party activist turned “white supremacist” Jason Kessler leaving meeting held between him, Brennan Gilmore and Mayor Michael Signer on 11 August 2017

Important to note about Jason Kessler too, this report continues, is that with his experience as a former assignment editor for the anti-Trump “fake news” propaganda media organ CNN, he was well versed in how to create media spectacles such as would occur in Charlottesville on 12 August.  

 And as to who this planned media spectacle played out in Charlottesville on 12 August, this report details, proved a “grim success” as, firstly, Jason Kessler led his pro-fascist forces on a “Unite The Right” march—followed, secondly, by Mayor Michael Singer ordering his cities police forces to stand down and not interfere when these pro-fascist forces met their communist led counter demonstrator foes. 

With Jason Kessler and Mayor Michael Singer having “played their roles” in creating this media spectacle, this report says, third up was Brennan Gilmore—who magically and mystically” was able to appear at the height of this created mob violence with a video camera in hand to record a pro-fascist supporter ramming his car into a crowd of communists agitators—with Brennan Gilmore, afterwards, being prominently interviewed by not only CNN, but every other anti-Trump “fake news” media outlet in America too—and whose statements were, obviously, pre-planned.  

Being lost to the American people about this Charlottesville media spectacle too, this report continues, is its being a mirror image to the events that took place in 2014 when the CIA overthrew the legitimately elected government in Ukraine (called “the most blatant coup in history”)—even to the pro-fascist forces in both Ukraine and Charlottesville holding the same type of shields decorated by Nazi symbols of power.  

Charlottesville pro-fascist forces on 12 August 2017 

Unlike in Charlottesville, however, this report notes, the pro-Nazi fascist forces in Ukraine were supported by the Obama regimes Democratic Party in America—most especially by Hillary Clinton who received millions-of-dollars from them—while at the same time the Ukrainians were selling ballistic missile rocket engines to North Korea to threaten President Trump with. 
And though the “Nazi Playbook” used so frequently by George Soros played out to great effect in Charlottesville when used by Brennan Gilmore, Mayor Michael Singer and Jason Kessler, this report concludes, President Trump may, indeed, have the last word in this matter as his Department of Justice has ordered a top Democratic Party anti-Trump website to immediately turn over the identities of 1.3 million communist agitators causing chaos throughout America—and who once being fully known, will, no doubt, be finally neutralized.    Thanks to 'What does it Mean' 

Former President Obama begins ground breaking ceremony to remove Confederate remains from Arlington

Following the decapitation of the most hated President, Donald Trump, the new People's Government of the United Socialist States of America USSA has mandated the removal of some 500 racist human remains from section 16 in the Arlington National Cemetery.  The huge confederate memorial on that site has already been removed and destroyed.  Former President Barack Obama, has been given the honor of beginning the ground breaking ceremony.  The new national government which is dominated by BLM and Antifa members is now considering the destruction of both the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial----both of which are symbols of America's racist past.  Furthermore, all history books referring to any Southern victories in the Civil War will be burned along with any films such as 'Gone with the Wind' that promote racism.  Additionally, in the future, to atone for past sins all white men are to be relegated to the back of the bus and have all their property seized by the state in order to pay reparations to the Black Man.


Culture Jihadists Rip Down Confederate Statue

A raging mob of culture jihadists stormed through downtown Durham, North Carolina and toppled a historic statue of a Confederate war soldier. The Islamic Radicals engaged in similar atrocities in Iraq -- turning Iraqi history into piles of rubble. What's next -- will the American culture jihadists target Mount Vernon or the Jefferson Memorial or Stone Mountain in Georgia? It won't be long before the jihadists start burning copies of "Gone With the Wind."  Thanks to Todd Starnes
Without a doubt the members of this mob are of the same mindset of those cowardly draft dodgers and their supporters who spit on Vietnam vets returning home in the 1960's.  I have no use for low-life scum bags who would attempt to rewrite history to conform to what they believe it should be.

Trump considering pardon for Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Who’s In Trouble For Being Too Tough on Illegals

Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, dubbed “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” was found guilty of contempt of court for continuing traffic stops that reportedly “targeted immigrants” after a court ordered him to cease the activity.He faces up to 6 months in jail, but he may not have to serve his sentence
President Donald Trump stated that he is seriously considering pardoning Arpaio, who he lauded as a tough sheriff who has done a lot of work to crack down on illegal immigration in the state of Arizona.

Trump told Fox News, that he is “seriously considering a pardon for Joe Arpaio” and mentioned that the good sheriff has “done a lot in the fight against illegal immigration.” “I might do it right away, maybe early this week. I am seriously thinking about it.” He then mentioned Arpaio’s work in fighting illegal immigration, which was arguably the most controversial area of his job.    
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Charlottesville Will Help Media Whitewash Antifa Thugs

Thanks to the maniac James Alex Fields — who did immeasurable damage to his own cause — the media will find it easier to portray Antifa thugs as the forces of righteousness. Alt-righters came to Charlottesville to protest the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue, which signifies more of our culture and history forcibly stuffed down the Memory Hole in the name of political correctness. In contrast, anarchist types came specifically to provoke or inflict violence. That is the point of Antifa — which the liberal media was glorifying even before the tragic events of August 12:

It was one thing when bottle-throwing Moldylocks went cruising for a bruising with her weighted sap glove and scalping knife and got punched in the nose. Now someone has actually been killed. This is Christmas in August for the Left in general, but particularly for Antifa, whose media admirers can more easily portray them as noble victims. No matter who got hurt, whatever violence occurred was going to be spun to discredit the right-wing protesters. The mildly paranoid might even suspect that this had something to do with the police standing down, as confirmed by the ACLU, as the mayhem mounted. Police follow orders.  Read more.....

Weather Weapon Breakthrough In Russia Prompts Worries About War Crime Charges

An intriguing Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today reveals that a heated battle has broken out between Chairwoman of the Council of Federation Valentina Matviyenko and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu over a terrifying new environmental modification device (ENMOD) developed by Rostec—and that Defense Minister Shoigu wants under strict Ministry of Defense (MoD) control as Rostec’s use of this ENMOD device against both Berlin and Paris these past few months, he believes, could very well constitute a war crime as this new device can, also, be characterized as a weapon.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, Rostec is a state corporation based in Moscow established in late 2007 to promote development, production and export of hi-tech industrial products for civil and defense sectors and employees over 450,000 people—and who has just introduced a new ENMOD device so powerful it is able to induce a massive rain front in 30 minutes—and that they, also, proved the power of by using it to extinguish a number of massive fires burning out of control in Siberia in late July.
Though the exact scientific-technical “details/specifications” of Rostec’s new ENMOD device remain highly classified under MoD orders, this report does note that it is a “quantum enabled” atmosphere released cartridge having in it a silver iodide-containing substance and was first tested in the Moscow region on 29 May—and that caused the most powerful and deadliest storm to hit Moscow in 150 years resulting in the toppling of hundreds of trees, massive flooding, and the deaths of 16 citizens.  
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Charlottesville: Fueling Race Riots One of the Left’s Cleverest Tactics

The left has figured out several methods that successfully work to divide the left and the right. One of their cleverest ways is stirring up race wars, because it has the extra benefit of making the right look bad. The playbook goes like this: Spread the word nonstop that Democrats help minorities and Republicans are racist (never mind that it was mostly Democrats in Congress who opposed ending segregation —  people don’t pay close attention to history). 

Once this false mantra has been established, label a broad range of normal behavior by conservatives as racist (it doesn’t matter if some of those conservatives are minorities themselves, like black and Hispanic police officers, contradictions don’t matter). Lump all that behavior in with that of the small number of real racists and refer to it as conservative or right wing (never mind that many racists are on the left, just gloss over that). Even better, create a new term that clearly refers to white supremacists, alt-right, and lump in mainstream conservatives. This tactic has allowed the left to write off one of the most popular conservative publications in the country, Breitbart, as racist. Since no one wants to be considered racist, it scares people away from being associated with conservatism.   Read more.....

The Collision in Charlottesville: White haters of Antifa and BLM vs. White Supremacist

From a real no spin observer to the events in Charlottesville.

"The Charlottesville 'Clown' Council is 100% far left to the point they can't stand straight.
The black 'vice' mayor (Bellamy) came to C'ville as a teacher, member of the gov's. education board and a council electee. His baggage included uncovered racist tweets (especially against white women) and on-line posts. When these were brought to light he left his teaching position (rather than be fired) and resigned from the governor's edu. bd.
HOWEVER, since he was so pro black and anti white, the clown council and the idiots in C'ville not only left him on council but made him vice mayor.... paving the way for his future political aspirations. (Heaven help the fools!) (Over 80% of them voted for Hillary, so you know they have problems.)
C'ville formed a commission to study the Lee and Jackson statues after one of Bellamy's students said they scared her when she went through the parks. An obvious set-up to everyone but the C'ville croud.
The commission, after months of study and public meetings, advised the council to leave the statues in place and add plaques to explain that part of history.
The council rejected the commissions findings and voted to remove the statues.
Thus - the KKK and Alt Right rallies.
The KKK came, spoke briefly and left. They were attacked by anti-protesters. 28 of them were arrested for violence..... not 1 KKK member.
The lefties and the clown council supported the claim of police brutality because tear gas had to be used to quell the protesters attacks on the KKK AND the police. They objected to the arrests and said the police should have been more patient and that they antagonized the protesters by wearing their riot gear. Interestingly - NONE of the 28 have been to court to face their charges..?? Swept under the rug????
Kessler (Alt-Right Movement) applied for a permit to protest the statue removals. The application was for Lee Park at the base of the Lee statue. Certainly not off-limits as that was where most of the anti-statue rallies were held by the lefties.
The clown council sat on the permit until the last minute and approved it - if held in McIntire Park, on the outskirts of town.
Surprisingly the ACLU and Rutherford Institute jumped in to file a suit based on the violation of free speech.
 A Federal Judge held a night hearing and blocked the order to relocate.
That had to P O the clown council.!!!!
As both rally participants and anti-rally protesters formed early Sat. AM, skirmishes broke out due to the protesters throwing frozen water bottles, soda cans filled with concrete, bottles of excrement, etc. at rally members in the park and attacking those trying to get to the park.
Hundreds of police and national guard stood by and did nothing to stop the abuse.
It quickly became obvious that they were not only remembering the flak the took for stopping the KKK rally violence but also had the intent, most likely directed by the clown council, to let it happen until it could be declared an 'unlawful gathering' and shut it down. So much for 'Serve and Protect'.
The rally was shut down shortly after after 11AM - an hour before it was scheduled to start. A couple protesters were arrested.
The Alt-Rt supporters left the park and the anti-rally protesters pranced around the 'once-upon-a-time' grand city of Charlottesville, VA proclaiming a victory.
The lack of quick and decisive action by the police to quell the violence perpetrated by the protesters was the cause of all the problems and will result in future problems as the 'white supremacist' groups have vowed to return - ready to take care of themselves.
Charlottesville's actions (and INActions) has stirred up a hornets nest."   This from a comment over at Stilton's Place

I must point out that the KKK and other White supremacist groups had a government sanctioned permit to protest the removal of General Lee's statue from a local park, while those groups such as BLM and ANTIFA simplly tried to prevent them from expressing their First Amendment rights as they have done again and again against conserrvative speakers and groups across the nation for many years.  I do not, in anyway condone the actions of the car driver who drove his auto into a crowd of ANTIFA AND BLM thugs, but feel it only fair to point out their hands are not clean either as those in the MSM would have you believe.  President Trump had it right when he implied many factions were to blame for what unfolded in Charlottesville.


Fired NSC Staffer’s Memo Outlined Vast Coup Attempt Against US Government

The memo at the heart of the latest blowup at the National Security Council paints a dark picture of media, academics, the “deep state,” and other enemies allegedly working to subvert U.S. President Donald Trump, according to a copy of the document obtained by Foreign Policy.
The seven-page document, which eventually landed on the president’s desk, precipitated a crisis that led to the departure of several high-level NSC officials tied to former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. The author of the memo, Rich Higgins, who was in the strategic planning office at the NSC, was among those recently pushed out.

The full memo, dated May 2017, is titled “POTUS & Political Warfare.” It provides a sweeping, if at times conspiratorial, view of what it describes as a multi-pronged attack on the Trump White House.
Trump is being attacked, the memo says, because he represents “an existential threat to cultural Marxist memes that dominate the prevailing cultural narrative.” Those threatened by Trump include “‘deep state’ actors, globalists, bankers, Islamists, and establishment Republicans.”
The memo is part of a broader political struggle inside the White House between current National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster and alt-right operatives with a nationalist worldview who believe the Army general and his crew are subverting the president’s agenda.
Though not called out by name, McMaster was among those described in the document as working against Trump, according to a source with firsthand knowledge of the memo and the events. Higgins, the author, is widely regarded as a Flynn loyalist who dislikes McMaster and his team.


President Trump Given Final “Deep State” Warning: “We Are Going To Kill This Guy”

A shocking new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today is warning that the “Deep State” forces aligned against President Donald Trump have just issued a “final threat” warning against him by their publically stating on a CNN newscast: “We are going to kill this guy”.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, barely a fortnight after Rush Limbaugh (the most listened to radio broadcaster in all the US) warned that his sources were telling him that the “Deep State” was recruiting retired US military generals to lead a coup against President Trump, a “Deep State” operative named Philip Mudd, just yesterday, loudly proclaimed on the CNN news programme The Lead With Jack Tapper that his forces were preparing to kill America’s new leader. 
Philip Mudd, this report details, is an ex-deputy director of the CIA's Counterterrorist Center who, in 2005, was appointed by then FBI Director Robert Mueller to serve as the first-ever deputy director of that intelligence agencies newly established National Security Branch—with Robert Mueller, also, being the Special Prosecutor appointed to lead the “Deep States” Russia hysteria “witch hunt” against President Trump.
With Philip Mudd as an intelligence expert most certainly knowing the truth that Russia’s supposed hacking of Democratic Party emails during the 2016 US presidential campaign has already been exposed as a lie as these emails had been downloaded directly from their own servers by an “inside source, and his, likewise, knowing that America’s top Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist, Seymour Hersh, has further proved that “Deep State” spy chiefs under the Obama regime invented the entire “Russia hysteria” lie to discredit President Trump, this report continues, this persons threat that his forces are preparing to kill America’s new leader must be taken with the utmost seriousness.
So “crashed into shambles”, in fact, is the Robert Mueller led “Deep State” “Russia hysteria” probe, this report says, Russian lawyer Natalya Veselnitskaya (who is the only private Russian citizen to have met with Trump campaign officials) is now reporting that no one in the US even wants to interview her, and her stating: “They don’t need me there.  At this exact moment, right now, they don’t need the truth.  What they need is an enemy.”
As to why the American “Deep State” needs an enemy, this report explains, is due to their being taken completely by surprise by President Trump’s stunning victory—and that CNN, one of the “Deep States” preferred propaganda outlets, recently analyzed in a special broadcast titled “Why Trump Won” wherein the only conclusion they could come with was it being due to nearly all of the US being racist—with CNN describing the tens-of-millions of Trump’s supporters as “bigoted sexists and homophobes”.

To the “real/main” reason Trump won, though, is not because his supporters are racist, this report continues, but because the American people finally came to their senses and saw the truth that the Democratic Party never really wanted the votes of the poor, but, instead, only wanted the money of the rich—with the New York Observer, perhaps, stating this fact best by their recently writing that the: “Democratic Party’s brain has been eaten by the elites in Washington who have been sitting fat and happy for a lot of years while working Americans have lost their jobs and lost confidence in the future.”  Read more.....

Guardian Cartoon Laments That There Is No Plan to Exterminate All Whites

A panel from a mind-numbingly moronic cartoon published by the official flagship publication of left-of-center Britain defines a term heavily used by liberals — white supremacist:

It’s just a goofy cartoon. But goofiness frees us from the strictures of reason, exposing how we really feel. You might say that is the whole point of political cartoons. You also might say that hostility to Western Civilization and the European race that created it is the whole point of the Guardian.   
Thanks to Moonbattery


Hillary Clinton “Turns To God”

If anyone thought that the madness overtaking America due to President Donald Trump’s election couldn’t possibly get any more bizarre, they’d be grossly mistaken as a new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin states that Hillary Clinton is now turning to God” and contemplating becoming a preacher as reports surface that the US Department of Justice has offered her a plea deal, while at the same time her “death list” continues to grow—the latest death being a black male prostitute turning up dead at the home of one of her top white Democratic Party donors.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, as a past “communicator with the dead, most spectacularly with Eleanor Roosevelt (the wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt) that her husband, President Bill Clinton, famously admitted to her doing in 2012, and her association with her 2016 US presidential campaign chairman John Podesta who practices the Satanic ritual known as “Spirit Cooking” that involves the drinking of human breast milk, blood and sperm, Hillary Clinton’s stating this past week that “she wants to preach and become an ordained Methodist minister” took MoFA analysts by surprise.

However, rather than these MoFA analysts truly believing that Hillary Clinton was “turning to God”, this report notes, they, instead, state that her actions are more than likely due to a “cannon ball of shame” about to fall upon her as both the Trump administration and a US Federal Court dealt her two stunning blows this past week.
In the first blow felt by Hillary Clinton, this report details, US District Court Judge Amit Mehta ruled this week that the State Department had not done enough to try to track down messages she may have sent about the assault on the US diplomatic compound in Libya on 11 September 2012 — an attack that killed four Americans, including the US ambassador to Libya, and known as the “Benghazi Scandal Cover-up”—and without the Obama regime to protect her, the new Trump administration will fully comply letting the full and horrible truth be finally told to the American people by complying with this order and their releasing the emails kept hidden up to now.   Read more....


BREAKING: Canada Sends Military To Handle Illegals Flooding Their Southern Border

This is what you get when you elect a socialist leader like Trudeau. Poor Canada. The Canadian government is sending approximately 100 soldiers to our northern border with them to help police and border guards handle an influx of illegal aliens and refugees expected to cross into Canada for asylum. It’s a back road in New York that crosses into Quebec. Thousands have already crossed over according to Canada… mostly Haitians. Of course, all of this is being played up as fear of President Trump and ICE conducting deportations. Fresh out of sympathy here.

DHS announced in May that the extension for those that came here because of a natural disaster will be extended one more time. What you don’t hear, is that these people could start the process of citizenship and be granted a reprieve, but they don’t do that. More than 5,000 have crossed into Canada so far. Canadian officials told the AP they estimated 400 illegals crossed the border at the Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle this Sunday alone. Montreal’s iconic Olympic Stadium has been transformed into a refugee center to handle the influx and it is almost full. The Canadians encouraged this problem and they will now have to deal with it.
From Breitbart:

The Associated Press reported Wednesday that the Canadian government is sending “about 100” soldiers to assist police and border guards at the remote road on the Quebec-New York border that has become the nexus of an outpouring of illegal aliens living in America.
The back road crossing, with no official border post, near Champlain, New York, and Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, Quebec, has seen thousands of people, mostly Haitians residing in the United States, come by taxi and other conveyences to try to illegally enter Canada. Typically, the outflow is reported as resulting from “fear” of the climate created for illegals in the United States.
Haitians in particular may be agitated because the “temporary protective status” (TPS) many of them were granted in the aftermath of that country’s devastating 2011 earthquake may be coming to an end. The status, granted by the Department of Homeland Security to specific groups of people suffering from war or natural disaster, has been extended time and again over the last seven years from its original six-month grant. TPS was never meant to grant the Haitians covered by it permanent residence in the United States, and they were expected to return to Haiti when the disaster had passed.   Read more.....

Rachel Maddow's" long lost twin brother found

The search for Rachel Maddow's long lost twin brother has ended.  The two were mysteriously separated at birth by what some have called a 'vast right wing conspiracy'.  Frankie Maddow was found in the basement of a fanatical climate denying mad scientist living at a remote location in the Arizona desert.  Apparently, the scientist, who was but a young man at time the two were born,  abducted Frankie from the hospital, where he was about to be euthanized.  It seems that both of the twins had suffered from serious deformities, including only minuscule amounts of 'grey matter' in the cranial cavity.......    
Image from Moonbattery
I could continue with this satirical look at  MSNBC host, Rachel Maddow, but I seriously doubt that would in anyway contribute to her recovery.   Also, I'm tired of looking at the above image.  Especially the one on the left---and I mean far, far left!